Looking at the picture of...Galleri Thomas Wallner

Looking at the picture of...Galleri Thomas Wallner  2007

Looking with the poet at the picture of the mountain

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) has written a poem called "Lapiz lazuli" (1939). In that poem Yeats draws a parallel between the time before the Second World War in Western world and Chinese ancient sivilization. In the poem he depicts a chinese miniature sculpture which he has gotten for his 70th birthday. Sculpture is carved picture of landscape or mountain as a landscape. Trees, buldnings and people are as a relief on the surface of stone. There is a sense of distance and lancapeness in the sculpture. Yeats' sculpture is made of Lapiz Lazuli stone which is also a original raw material of ultramarine blue pigment.

In the exhibition in galleri Thomas Wallner there is a three dimensonal work which has had its starting point in a photography of Yeats's sculpture. Yeats in his poem changes the medium of expression from sculptural object to written text. That is parallel to a process of transforming a photo to a three dimensonal form. The same picture is looked together but completely in different situation