Galleria Titanik, Turku

Galleria Titanik, Turku  2000

The exhibition was based on a work process I carried out at my studio. My aim was to combine gesture-like painting with three-dimensional form. The idea developed into a process where an act of sculpting, that is, casting in a mould, was united with providing works with colour. I ended up casting body-tinted plaster in moulds made of elastic fabric. The form of the work was dictated by the casting, gravity and the elasticity of the fabric. I attached the moulds directly to the gallery wall: the work became part of the exhibition space in a concrete way. A single work consisted of several castings of different colour, complete with the random traces left by the casting process. At Gallery Titanik, I displayed a series of seven works. Each was cast on the site. The size of the works was approx. 30 x 15 x 10 cm. I had not planned any of the individual works beforehand: the series was created during the four-day process.