Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki

Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki  1995

Paper beats stone at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki was a three-room installation. The first room housed a display of three separate video projections. Each showed a pair of hands solving Rubik's cube, finishing one of the sides in synchronisation: together, they form a three-colour triptych. A soundtrack of music and ballroom dance contest commentary accompanies the dance of the cubes. The second room had painted plaster sculptures. The floor had been painted white. The third room was usually dimmed, with the ceiling and the floor painted black. The room also had a kitchen and storage space. On the wall and partly on the cleaning cupboard door I drew in pencil. The drawing represented a messy table at my home. The drawing was in the same scale as the wall. I also piled all the stuff in the gallery and the packing material of my works onto a flat surface by the same wall where the drawing was. The entire wall was lit by strong lights.