Paletten Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
performance and installation


Performance Brother lasted two days: Friday 3 hours, Saturday 5 hours. On Sunday the remains of performance were presented as installation. People could enter and leave gallery from two doors on opposite sides of space.

In the gallery window there was a text written in English from Finnish dictating:

I was visiting my brother who lives in another town. In the evening we went out to restaurants. During the night I somehow lost my brother. I came to his apartement alone. I didn't have keys to his apartement. I waited for my brother long time. It was cold night. My brother didn't come so I broke the window to his appartement. Before I managed to climb in from the window, guard came to the place. I told him that I have lost my keys and showed him my driving licence. There he could see the same family name as was printed on the door.

This text was startingpoint for ideas for performances in gallery. During the performance each one of us made rehearsals with his idea and used other memebers of the group and three large chipboards as material:


The group is standing in triangula position. One of performers says

Look at me and listen what I say

He sits on his kees and continues

Look at me and listen what I say

This is repeated many times in different rythms. One saying sentences is changing all the time.


Chipboards and performers were used as a material to create still images, which were photographed.


Walking forward and back from one chipboardshelter to another in different rythms and positions.

Between each reherseal was a 15 minutes loud drumming of chipboards.

Every time new people entered to gallery one of us went to him and said:

Hello My name is Björn Aho. My name is Stig Baumbartner. My name is Vesa-Pekka Rannikko. We are here to make a performance, which is called Brother. There is no brother. I have and idea and I have asked them to do it for me. Now we are doing rehearsals. I speak Finnish. Jag talar svenska. Puhun suomea. This will be repeated.