Ex-Teresa Arte Actuel, Mexico City
performance and installation



Performance took place in former Baroque church in Mexico City. Space was open and sized approximately 30 x 15 x 10 m. Performance started with installation. Space was dark, only dim light reflected from doors which were open to other rooms and yard. In the middle of the room was a concrete sculpture. Sculpture was cast with help of three chipbards which were leaning on the wall.

Aho stood in the other end of the room facing the text written in Spanish on the wall:

I have been thinking what kind of space is enough to save ones life.

Rannikko stood in the middle of the room in a light of three slide projectors. Slides were one color slides of the sky.

In the other end of the room Baumgarner was doing his painting, a spot of colour, on one of the three chipboards.

Installation lasted 15 minutes, the time which took from audience to enter the room.

Baumgartner finshed his painting and Aho walked slowly backwards from his place to Baumartners place.


Rannikko had speech while showing monochromatic slides. Speech was a list shooting places and times of the slides. Light of slides mixed on the wall and formed new colours.

After this Rannikko turned the projectors towards Baumgartner in other end of the room. Slides composed a panorama of groups earlier performance Method#2.


Baumbartner started his speech by taking different positions in the light of slides. Aho was walking forward and back by the side of Baumgartner. Baumgartners speech was about his painting, his working methods and relation to body and movement. He also refered to BAR's earlier performances


Aho constructed an open form from the chipboards. In his speech is told about his concrete sculpture and its relation to human measures.

After speeches group shouted as loud as they could for coulpe of minutes.


Baumgartner was standing in the light of landscape slide. He reflected with small mirror details of the slide to the opposite wall. The reflections made a line to Rannikko and Aho to take their places in final scene.


Rannikko turned monochromatic slide projections towards other performers and himself. He walked backwards in the light of the slide and dictated sentences which were minimal observations of weather, sounds and scenery on the places where slides were taken.


The whole group was walking froward and back across the space and among the audience. Performers were stopping and kneeling while repetating sentence:

Look at me and listen what I say.

Scene lasted ten minutes after which the group left the room