lifesize 295 x 45 x 50 cm
body-tinted plaster over copy of a tree


A core problem of my work (2003-2008) has been the issue of how to create a piece, a work of sculpture, that could also be experienced and conceived as a picture. With my works I seek to describe the relationship of perception with physical experience. I prepare figurative sculptures from colored plaster so that the piece itself already gains the feeling of light. These works create a paradox in which the sculpture itself as a three-dimensional object is at the same time in space and light, representing some other situation signified by the light and shadow worked into it. The work is then simultaneously present in the past and present; the sculpture is at once the observer and that which is observed.

I mostly work with plaster dyed with pigment. In constructing forms from these elements I produce both color and form with the same action, thus making color part of the three-dimensional work. I also see these materials as neutral and devoid of meaning, representing only form and color.

Through the choice of themes of my works, I also seek to create a dialogue between the figurativeness of the theme and the manner of representation of the work itself. The starting point is often a photograph taken by myself or one that I have found. The properties of the photograph as a temporal record and an uncensored displayer of all things also make it an interesting starting point for sculptures. Also in its two-dimensionality, the photograph, as a unilateral projection of its subject, is a paradoxical point of departure for a three-dimensional piece. Essential for content is the chain of meanings that arises between the initial two-dimensional picture and the final sculpture, which can also be interpreted as an image.

Colours is from series of "Unwilling sculptures" which were shown in exhibition Fluid Street in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki 2008.